Our first designer clothing store opened in 2000.
INITIAL is proud of its ethos that continuously creates the unusual experience. Our sharp sense for time and our flexibility to create enables us to truly build a unique and open platform for the next generation. From marginality to popularity, INITIAL boasts a balanced, global perspective. Breaking through the boundary of culture, we seek to discover the new needs and fuel our unique take on fashion.
INITIAL, keeping an eye and an ear, on the world. We come to the soul from our roots. Usual life is filled with unusual people. We exist - for being remarkable.
INITIAL womenswear presents a complete wardrobe for women. Designs are inspired by traditional crafts from different regions, exploring their cultural sensitivities, care and devotion to everyday life. We provide the items from chic and approachable daily look, simple but timeless formal look to our distinctive and fashionable dress code. The women’s line is at home with the considered design, function-oriented aesthetic, vintage-inspired scheme and distinctive elegance. 
INITIAL GENTLEMAN has it roots in vintage culture. Its representative style aims to reveal a balanced aesthetic by combining classic heritage and modern inspirations. It is like matching a pair of dress shoes with a hoodie, or a vintage military jacket with a pair of suit trousers.

The code of mixing and matching is all about balance. The man who appreciates fine things in life, has a good sense to pick and choose in building his own style, gives the best interpretation of Vintage Gentleman in modern times.
All shoes are crafted out of quality materials from global suppliers and produced by carefully selected manufacturers. The raw material is our starting point for every piece. Along with sourcing original and innovative fabrics, we produce our own.