21 Sep, 2021

initial Gentleman’s New Flagship Store Opening at Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay

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initial Gentleman has opened a new flagship store in Causeway Bay’s Fashion Walk.
The design direction for this new store is to recreate the experience as if one was going to an exhibition. With clean lines and simple structure as well as minimalist ceiling light panels, the unique style and flavor of each artwork is being further highlighted. The overall interior conveys an aesthetics of leaving blank and invites customers to feel relaxed and comfortable, as if they were visiting a modern art gallery. The blue partition wall in the center of the shop also creates a focal point in the store environment, leading customers to walk around to appreciate the paintings on the wall while looking for outfits they like. In addition to the selected artworks by the team, the display windows are also sophisticatedly decorated like the display cases in museum. While one window exhibits the signature Well Tempered Chair (1986) by Israeli architect and industrial designer Ron Arad, the other window is put-ting the cactus - undoubtedly one of the world’s most-wanted plant in recent years - under spotlight. Although the new store is exhibiting a collection that mainly consists of contemporary artworks, there are also vintage creations like the legendary Chandigarh Chair by the famous Swiss architect and furniture designer Pierre Jeanneret offsetting the industrial, modern elements. In the mid1950s, Jeanneret created this classic yet low-key armchair specifically for the city of Chandigarh, which was the first planned city after India's independence in 1947. The popularity of this designer chair has never faded for its functionality, comfort, sturdiness and durability.
The new initial Gentleman flagship store does not only seamlessly integrate the experience of shopping and going to art exhibitions, but also demonstrates a balanced aesthetics by combining classic heritage and modern inspirations as well as man-made and nature’s creations. The Pachypodium Gracilius and Operculicarya Pachypus displayed in the store, which are handpicked by the team. The new store is expected to attract customers to stop by and shop, while at the same time offering a nourishing moment for the soul.
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