17 Feb, 2021

initial x LeeeeeeToy Soft Vinyl Collectibles

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Future Face, the sci-fi hero, is transformed into different characters and outfit, including jewelry with Cyberpunk colors and vinyl transparent Gashapon, to bring joy to us!
This time initial partnered with LeeeeeeToy and they released their jointly created Gashapon, which is made with Vinyl in the form of oil burning for a clear and transparent appearance. They are then manually colored by designers in Hong Kong so that the colors can be more natural. Each Gashapon is uniquely made and they are only available in limited stores.
For every purchase of items from the Future Face & Lucky 7 series, you can play Gashapon once and have the chance of collecting all Future Face & Lucky Seven figures that are full of surprises!

*Only available in certain stores. $40 for an extra round
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